Wednesday, April 11, 2012

It's Chow Time!

by Jiru Nikko Rada, student-producer

Guest: Professor Tony Mabesa

It was Prof. Khrysta Rara’s story about the “Agila” episode of Kwentuhang Pets Atbp. that drove these two hopeful students of BJ101 to produce a noteworthy and special episode of the show. Princess and I were given three weeks to conceptualize for KPA. There were lots of ideas at first, probably most types of animals and animal lovers were mentioned during the brainstorming – from birdwatchers to plain dog owners, from exotic insects to marine animals.

Luckily, Princess knows someone who loves scorpions. On the other hand, I had my eyes set on the Dulaang UP Director who walks with his two Chow Chows around the campus almost everyday. It was very taxing to get these two busy people say yes to our invitation. Princess was able to book her prospect earlier while I have to literally stalk and search for the director for three mornings and two afternoons around the campus.

The famous theater director is Professor Tony Mabesa. He lives a block away from where I board that’s why I usually see him with his dogs. My arteries thickened every time I tried to approach him to guest for the show. His presence is very intimidating because my friends who were able to work with him in a production told me that sir has a loud booming voice.

Fortunately on my third attempt, I was able to talk to sir, join him for a walk with his dogs and finally heard him say yes. That day, there were only three days left before the episode so Princess and I had to do a number of revisions on the script.

On the day before, Prof. Rara informed us that we have to focus on only one topic since we have two contrasting subjects (scorpions and dogs). So we decided that we will focus on Prof. Mabesa’s dogs instead of the scorpions.

It was an episode full of laughter. Professor Mabesa talked about how his two Chow Chows, Chimra and Gabby, changed his life and gave the listeners some tips for those who plan on having a Chow Chow as pet.

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