Thursday, September 4, 2014

Surprise! Pawikan Spotlight

By Jeanette May Trinidad, student-producer
Episode aired last August 13, 2014
Guest: Mr Nilo Ramoso (Head of Pawikan Conservation Project)

It is truly a surprise when, on your first day of class, you are already tasked to work on a major production with less than a week preparation. But that was what happened to me. And while it had its difficulties, it was an experience that I would be thankful for throughout my whole life.

Being the first in my Broadcast Journalism 101 class to work on the student productions for Kwentuhang Pets, ATBP., the production was difficult for me in a lot of ways. Firstly, I was not used to the program because it was the first time I heard of it. I usually have classes during the program’s timeslot, so I couldn’t really tune in and know how the program exactly went. Secondly, it had been almost a year since I last produced for radio in my BC 102 (Radio Production) class, and even then, the most I did for an airing program was producing a segment. Fortunately, Prof. Khrysta Rara (who was the host of the show and my BJ 101 professor) helped me with the conceptualization of the episode, and the topics we thought of doing revolved around wildlife conservation mostly, with differences being only on whether the wildlife is on land or water.

But what really challenged me was finding a guest who would be willing to go on air on such a short notice. When I finally decided to push through with making the episode majorly a pawikan “spotlight” episode (which came about after Prof. Rara’s suggestion of pawikans being a possible topic), I tried contacting every NGO related to marine life or pawikans, and even the DENR. The people reply to my e-mails or answer my calls but say they are unavailable. I only managed to find a guest from the Biodiversity Management Bureau of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources a day before the episode aired, and it had been through the help of my family (particularly my sister whose friend’s friend is in the Bantay Pawikan in Morong, Bataan). The guest was Mr. Nilo Ramoso, the Pawikan Conservation Project head, and an expert on Pawikans.

Another topic that had taken up my episode was rescued cats and dogs, particularly because Ms. Hanna Sanchez who is a tri-athlete and swimmer had an event coming up to raise funds for rescued cats, dogs, and pitbulls by the Compassion and Responsibility for Animals (CARA) group. We also had her on the show to talk about her and CARA’s fund-raising endeavor, but only through phone patch.

Both guests had been, fortunately, very kind and willing to be part of the program, and it was through them that the episode pushed through. The in-booth experience as a co-host of Prof. Rara during the episode was also nerve-wracking in the beginning (especially because it had also been a year since I last went live on air for BC 102), but then it became a thrilling experience for me later on. There were a lot of topics that we managed to cover: from the difference of a marine turtle to a land turtle or tortoise, conservation efforts on the pawikan, the issues involving pawikans like poaching, different trivia like why the turtle "cries", and most importantly the significance of the pawikan to the environment and why it should be conserved. The discussion was very lively and animated, and it was honestly very fun.

At the end of it all, the production experience imparted something big in me aside from learning the details of production. It made me much more aware about animals, about marine wildlife especially in my episode, and how vital they really are to the lives of every person and every organism. It opened my eyes to the pawikan’s role in the environment and the rest of our natural resources, and that it must really be preserved.

And, surprise! Now, I have “Going to Morong, Bataan to see a Pawikan Hatching” in my bucket list.

If you’ve missed the episode, then here are the links to the recording and transcript:



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